Hammad Yousaf, Pakistani philosopher presented a new school of thought in philosophy. After a long period in philosophy, A New School of Thought is being presented by any eastern philosopher.

Hammad Yousaf has succeeded in creating a system that not only defines the universe but also offers educational, political, economic and evolutionary systems after 19 years of research.   



  Surprise for China-Pakistan


 Last Islamic Empire


   The Next Catastrophe


COVID-19 = New War Agendas


Expected Events : 2020 to 2050


Destruction of World Powers


Arrival of Antichrist in the World


Master Plans of the World Wars


Expected Civil War in India
(Post COVID-19 Situation)


China's Unseen Defense Policy
(China's Defense Allies)


Secret Messages in Economist Magazine 2019


War From the Space


Power Transfer Agenda
(USA- The Falling Empire)


 Daily Mail Newspaper
Exposed a Secret Agenda


The Final Destination



A Black Swan of World War III









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