Hammad Yousaf, Pakistani philosopher presented a new school of thought in philosophy. After a long period in philosophy, A New School of Thought is being presented by any eastern philosopher.

Hammad Yousaf has succeeded in creating a system that not only defines the universe but also offers educational, political, economic and evolutionary systems after 19 years of research.   




Expected Events : 2020 to 2050


Bill Gates : Agent for Elite's Agenda


AL- Mahdi (The Promised Leader)

Master Plans of the World Wars


Expected Civil War in India
(Post COVID-19 Situation)


China's Unseen Defense Policy
(China's Defense Allies)

Arrival of Antichrist in the World
New World 's Religion
New World Order

 Arrival of Hazrat Mahdi
The Promised Leader of Muslims
International media will not tell you



Secret Messages in Economist Magazine 2019


War From the Space


Power Transfer Agenda
(USA- The Falling Empire)


 Daily Mail Newspaper
Exposed a Secret Agenda


Secret Messages
Economist Magazine 2020 - Video


A Black Swan of World War III












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