Expected Events : 2020 to 2050

by Hammad Yousaf



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China and the United States are rapidly moving toward economic warfare as well as military warfare. The two great world powers are about to face each other. US President Trump is eager to fight the war. On the other hand, US defense agencies do not seem ready to fight a war. In this situation, it seems that India will be sent by the United States and Europe to fight China. The United States will be in the South China Sea to help India and control the war.

Expected Warfare Strategy

Under the guise of the corona virus, a secret group is planning to start four new wars in the world. The expected program of the wars is as follows:

America Vs China
(The two world powers will end up fighting each other or America will end.
  United Stated can use India against China to start a war)

Estimated Start:  2020 or 2021
Estimated End:  2022

Pakistan, China Vs India
(The purpose of this war is to destroy the nuclear weapons of Pakistan and India so that Pakistan's nuclear weapons cannot be used in the Jerusalem war)

Estimated Start:  2022
Estimated End:  2028

Iran Vs Gulf countries or Civil War
(The purpose of this war is to impose war on the Gulf countries through Iran. If Iran does not fight, then to start the civil wars in all the Gulf countries)

Estimated Start:  2024 or 2025
Estimated End:  2031

Arab Vs Israel (Jerusalem War)
After the wars and civil wars in all the Arab and Gulf countries, the Arab-Israel war will begin.

Estimated Start:  2031
Estimated End:  2040



Expected timeline (In the context of Islamic prophecies)
These wars will be fought between 2020 and 2040

The period from 2031 to 2040 will be a time of intense nuclear wars. As a result, all world powers will be destroyed.
Israel will lose the war and perish.

The Messiah of Israel will not come. But the Messiah of the Muslims will come.

The Messiah of the Muslims, the Mahdi, is expected to appear in the year of 2031 or 2040.

From 2050, Muslims will rise all over the world. Europe's power will end. The Messiah of the Muslims, Hazrat Mahdi (as) will die before the end of 2050 and the last caliphate of the Muslims will begin. Canada will become the head of the Western countries.



NOTE: All these figures are based on information obtained from Muslim's religious books.








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