A Black Swan of World War III

by Hammad Yousaf




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The Freemason and the Zionist community keep sending secret messages to the world from a variety of sources. These secret messages are about their future course of action. The world's major global powers, global institutions, global financial institutions and major multinational companies are working under their control. That's why nobody in the world is asking them what agenda these people are working on?

The Freemason organization has its roots in the United Kingdom, and subsequently the organization was given the United States of America to work independently (that is, the United States was granted independence and handed over to the Freemasons). The real ruler and owner of America is the Freemason community. Without their will nothing can happen in America. They are also elected the American Presidents. Both political parties of United states are also controlled by freemasons. The Federal Reserve Bank of America is also owned by Freemasons, where the US dollar is raided. Thus through the dollars, Freemasons play an important role in controlling the entire world.

The Zionist organization consists of Jews whom Hitler had expelled from Germany, and today they are made Israel. Zionist also needed an independent country like Freemasons for their secret purposes.

The primary purpose of the Freemason and the Zionist community is to ensure the early arrival of the Antichrist. Both organizations have nothing to do with Judaism and Christianity. People belonging to both organizations perform certain types of worship. I have described my previous research in "Secret brotherhood" in detail about their God and worship.

They worship the "devil" named Lucifer. After doing a lot of research, I found out that the devil who refused to prostrate to Adam was called "Lucifer" in Europe. The modern name that these two organizations have introduced since its inception. After the 9/11 incident, both organizations have openly revealed their goals to the world. Memberships on the Internet has also been opened to the general public now.......

Secret messages
Freemasons and Zionists use the media to inform the world about their future plans. Freemasons tell the world about their upcoming projects through the British magazine "The Economist." Through the Simpsons Cartoon series, the Zionists organization tells the world its plans for the future. Through Hollywood films, both organizations keep telling the world about their plans. It aims to prepare people mentally. When an accident happens in the world, people can easily endure it. She doesn't even know she's ready to suffer consciously.

Plan of the Third World War

An episode of the Simpson Cartoon series tells that World War III will be fought with China. Date is given in December. But instead of the nuclear war in December, biological warfare has begun in the world. In December 2019, the Corona virus originated in Wuhan, China.

Another episode of the Simpson cartoon tells us that the Third World War will begin in 2031.
Watch some important parts of the Simpson cartoon to know the future plans of World War III.




Corona virus
Looking at the situation after the Corona virus outbreak, it would appear that the Western media is busy propagating against China day and night. The whole world is being persuaded that the whole world has been banished in their homes due to China. The conspiracy will be further used against China in the coming years to start the Third World War.


Why is China a threat?
The question now arises as to why China is dangerous to Freemason and Zionist organizations? To understand why these people want to abolish China's power, it is important to understand the map of the Third World War. The third world war will be primarily between Israel and the Arabs. Israel will have US and EU countries. Arab countries will have Russia and China. All these countries will be on the front of Jerusalem in the Third World War.

The second frontier of the Third World War will be between India and Pakistan. On this front, India will start a war with Pakistan and keep Pakistan away from the Jerusalem-facing frontier. Therefore, before the start of the Third World War, efforts will be made to damage China's economic development.








Apart from facilitating global public opinion against China, there are other objectives which are as follow:

Weaken the economic power of all the countries of the world, so that the military budget of each country is reduced.
To increase poverty and unemployment in the world so that civil war can be initiated within the countries.

Try to enforce the digital currency, human micro chip and new world order to the world through economic crises, poverty, un-employment and civil wars








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