China's Unseen Defense Policy

by Hammad Yousaf



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Before describing China's unseen defense policy, it is important to review the situation caused by the corona virus.

Under the guise of corona virus, the Western media is waging a media war against China. The Western media is constantly trying to prove that China is responsible for spreading the corona virus. In this regard, some countries are filing lawsuits against China. Japan has decided to withdraw all its companies from China. In this regard, Japan will provide billions of dollars to these companies. Thus, a global front is being formed against China.

9/11 And Corona Virus

There is not much difference between 9/11 and the incidence of corona virus. The incident and the mastermind of both incidents are the same. The only difference is that the 9/11 incident affected only the United States, while the Corona virus affected the whole world. This should give an idea of the dire consequences of this incident. Someone is responsible for every incident. On 9/11, Afghanistan and Al Qaeda were blamed for the incident. Now China has been blamed for the corona virus.

The next step is the media war. Like Afghanistan and Al Qaeda, there is now a propaganda campaign against China all over the world. Any action against China will be taken at the end of this propaganda campaign. What that action might be; This is an important question that this study seeks to answer.


1) Economic boycott: The first option the world has is to boycott China economically, but it will not be an easy task. China is the world's largest supplier of cheap goods. Where to get immediate relief in case of economic boycott; Small and poor countries are not in a position to boycott China economically

2) War action against China: The second option is war. The United States and European countries could take military action against China. But even then, the economic boycott will apply. Small and poor countries will be directly affected.

3) Abstain from accusation: The third option is abstain from accusation. The world should drop the accusation that the corona virus is spread by China.

If all these conditions are analyzed, it becomes clear that efforts are being made to end China's economic monopoly. An economic war is being waged against China under the guise of the Corona virus. There are many other goals as well. China is the largest source of cheap goods in the world. There will be a severe economic crisis all over the world. Inflation and poverty will increase manifold. Millions of jobs will be lost and the world will face a food crisis.

                                                             China's Unseen Defense Policy

I will now refer to China's defense policy, which is not generally understood or seen. China wants to see itself emerging as an economic power in the world. Fighting wars is not China's goal. North Korea and Pakistan are very important countries in China's unseen defense policy. In fact, these two countries are China's defense allies. Thanks to these allies, China seems to rule militarily in its entire region.  China has been prepared these two allies for its two rival countries.

North Korea has been prepared for the United States and Pakistan has been prepared to deal with India. Neither the United States nor India can attack China directly. If they do, they will make a big mistake. The United States will have to fight North Korea first to fight China. India will have to fight Pakistan first to fight China.

North Korea and Pakistan act as China's defense line.








China is being blamed around the world for the Corona virus. Can the US fight China after that? If you look at the past record of the United States, the answer is "no". The United States can only fight wars with countries that are weak in defense. For example, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Sudan, etc. The United States does not have the courage to fight with China. It is my prediction that in the coming years the West will send "India" to fight China. India will invade Tibet and in response to India, Pakistan will invade Indian Kashmir. This will be the beginning of the first part of the Third World War (Ghazwa-e-Hind)











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