Expected Civil War in India

by Hammad Yousaf



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India, which claims to be the largest democracy in the world. In this so-called and naked democracy, minorities are treated worse than animals.[1] This is unprecedented in the whole world. The situation of Hindu extremism is that sometimes Muslim mosques are demolished. Sometimes the public honor of Christian monks is robbed [2] [3]. Sometimes Muslims are killed for slaughtering cows [4] [5]. In Hinduism, cows have the status of "mother" [6]. What kind of mother is this that India sells for business all over the world. But if Indian Muslims want to eat beef, then slaughter is started all over India. This is the true face of the world's largest democracy. On the one hand, Muslims are killed for the sacred cow, on the other hand, India is the second largest exporter of beef in the world [7].

               ''Hindus who on the one hand give the cow the status of their mother and on the other
                                             hand are selling their mother all over the world''


One of the major reasons for the rise of Hindu extremism in India is the involvement of criminals in politics [8]. The overwhelming majority in India's current parliament is made up of members who have been charged with murder in the courts. Incumbent Indian Prime Minister Narendar Modi belongs to the Indian extremist organization RSS [9]. The RSS believes so. That India is a country of Hindus only and other minorities especially Muslims have no right to live in India. The same situation is with other minorities. At present, the biggest problem for India's neighbors, especially Pakistan and China, is the presence of criminals in the Indian Parliament. These criminals have a war frenzy. Due to this war frenzy, there are many problems for China and Pakistan. This is the situation facing the minorities within India.


India has proved to be the most ridiculous country in the world in terms of corona virus. Corona virus is an international problem but the Muslim community in India has been made responsible for corona. The Indian government and the Indian media are campaigning against Muslims that the corona virus is spreading in India because of Muslims. Muslims are not being treated in hospitals [10]. Muslims are being tortured everywhere. The Indian terrorist organization RSS has started massacring Muslims under the guise of Corona virus. Muslims are being threatened with death on social media. The number of Muslims in India is more or less 250 million. Millions of Muslims have been socially boycotted [11]. Shopping in Muslim shops has been stopped. Muslims are being tortured all over India. At present, India is constantly heading towards civil war [12]. In these circumstances, India should have learned a lesson. Just as it kept the Muslims of Kashmir under lockdown for many months, today the whole of India is under lockdown. But India has not learned a lesson. In these circumstances, instead of apologizing to Kashmiri Muslims, a series of killings of Indian Muslims has been started. India is not a nation. This is a herd of ignorant people who treat corona virus by drinking cow's urine [13].

Prolonged lockdowns and curfews in India have completely destroyed the Indian economy [14]. Indian banks have run out of money to repay their customers. Billions of dollars worth of investment from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have been destroyed.

India has hastily destroyed its economy by imposing severe lockdowns and curfews. India, once a heaven for investors, is now a hell for investors.






After the corona virus, India will be the only country in the region to face a major economic catastrophe. Along with the economic catastrophe, the state of civil war has been created by the Indian government itself. Due to this, there is a danger that Indian nuclear weapons will not fall into the hands of Indian extremist groups and terrorists. At present, the atmosphere of civil war has been created in India.


As soon as the lockdown opened, bloody civil war is expected to broke out all over India
  As a result of this civil war, India can attack China and Pakistan. In any such situation, China and Pakistan can take strong military action against India.











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