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Secret Messages of Economist Magazine 2019


Written by:   Hammad Yousaf
                    September 2019


Economist Magazine is a UK-based magazine. Basically, this is a "Freemasonry" community magazine. One of the highlights of this magazine is that the community (Freemasons & Zionists) often communicates its ambitions to the world. The community portrays its ambitions in the form of pictures that are difficult for the general public to understand. About this, the community (Freemasons & Zionists) has published a fantastic cover of the Economist magazine 2019, which has been the subject of debate all over the world. Many people in the world are trying to understand these secret messages. Below I have tried to understand this magazine cover to the best of my knowledge.



All pictures on this magazine cover have been inverted. To me, the inverted images are sending the secret message that the progress and the conditions shown in these pictures will move the world backwards, not forward. According to my research, this magazine cover is the "New World Order" of the next twenty years by the community. This New World Order is starting from the beginning of 2019.



Moon and moon carriage
                     The moon and moon carriage are visible above the top of the magazine cover. From this point on, a real and decisive effort will be made to go to the moon. But now it will be best to reach the moon.

Face recognition
                    It is being said that face-scanning technology will be introduced in all walks of life to identify human beings.

Volcanic mountain
                 Volcanic mountains point to destruction. I guess the secret message is that the world will be gradually pushed to destruction.
The mountains also point to earthquakes. Now the world is ready for earthquakes. HAARP technology has already been told that perhaps the secret message is being given that earthquakes will be brought into the world using these technologies. The Hadiths (statements of Holy Messenger Muhammad) also say that many earthquakes will occur before the Hour comes (Judgement day).

Donald Trump face
                   The picture shows Donald Trump's face inside the American flag. The face of the US president is before the volcano. I guess this could be a secret indication that the United States will be destroyed during Trump's regime, or that Trump will sow the seeds of destruction for America or that a disaster will be fall of America.

Mobile Satellite
                 This mobile satellite unit is being shown. Some new technology is being introduced. I guess there may be a technology used in war or bio war weapon.




The guy with the long nose
                   The long nose reveals a false man. Any liar will lie in the ears of Russian President Putin.

Russian President Putin
                Russian President Putin is listening a lie and ready for war

Four combat cavalry
            The world is pointing to wars. Four horsemen can also mean four new wars.

Angry Panda
             This angry panda shows China. Perhaps china's business will be shut down after seeing the wars in the world on which Panda is sitting angry.

        Britain's exclusion from the European Union. The secret message about Brexit is incomprehensible to me

      The elephant stands in front of the brexit with its mouth facing towards the Brexit. This elephant represents the European Union. An elephant tooth is showing emerging economies.

Electric car
                      For the oil-producing Arab countries, there is a very dangerous message that cars will be brought to power worldwide instead of petrol.




Stark Bird
            The Stark bird that is symbolically shown in the cartoon brings the baby in the bag. A bar code is listed on the bag, which means that children born in the world will now be in the eyes of the community( Freemasons & Zionists). It also has a dangerous meaning that the genetics of the baby will be tampered with before birth so that the children with super natural powers can get what they need.

The image of Gandhi
                 In Gandhi's image, Gandhi's right hand is broken. This indicates that some part of India will be broken. Gandhi's grave is also on hold, indicating that India will be subjected to severe political and economic crisis.




Leonardo de Vinci
                                The picture of Leona du Vinci shows that the machine has been circulating inside humans and they have become blind or are viewing everything in a mechanical way. It is said that after blinding the humans, The mission to destroy has been developed. Two mechanical hands show that humans have access to the mobile industry, cannabis intoxicants (which have recently been granted general use in the US and Canada).  DNA of human tampering will be attempted. A program to create super natural and powerful human beings.

 Mobile in hand, it's going to be a big deal. It is possible that the increase in the frequency of mobile towers may also be a secret message. They can also be used to refer to using a mobile phone as a bomb. In this regard, a technology has been secretly developed that will explode like a mobile phone bomb.

After that, Leonido's two human hands are shown. In the scales, four women are shown on one side and five women on the other. There is a background behind this that needs to be understood. In 2017, Tarana Burke, an American socialite woman, launched the # Me Too Movement Against Sexual Violence. The purpose of this movement is to bring to the notice that every woman in the world who has been sexually abused. And declare Me Too, "I too", it may seem traumatic now, but the consequences are dire. The purpose of highlighting such women is to expose men to sex with them again. The second purpose is to deliberately depict such women in any society so that any society in the world will find itself in a decent society. They could not claim to be called. Thirdly, such women could not marry and have no family. The fourth purpose is shown in the picture in the form of scales that separate such number of females from the number of other purified females. And their number should be gradually increased as shown in the scales.
It should be remembered that the community (Freemasons & Zionists) has always been against the family system. The community has worked hard to end the family system in Europe and America. Now they want the family system to be abolished all over the world. The "community" (Freemasons & Zionists) has come out on the field with this new strategy to end the world.
The second human hand of Leonardo is showing the baseball ball. It is a secret indication that sports around the world will be controlled. For this purpose, the promotion of stagnation will be promoted.




Then there is the image of Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie. (Angelina Jolie is a Freemason who holds a high profile in the freemasonry) There is no good sign for this. A secret message is being conveyed through this picture that a new flood of refugees is coming to the world very soon.

Finally, let me explain one important thing that I have already done in my research named "pursuit of the Antichrist." It should be remembered that the Antichrist is present in the world and according to some hadiths (statements of Holy Messenger Muhammad) is below the sea. Secret messages issued by the community (Freemasons & Zionists) are not created by any human. These instructions are directly received from the Antichrist.






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