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                                      THE  FINAL  DESTINATION

Written by: Hammad Yousaf
Dated: 26th June 2020

The world is rapidly moving towards the New World Order. There are some world powers that are pushing the world towards the New World Order. First of all, the New World Order must understand that the secret world powers (Freemasons, Zionists and Illuminati) want to bring a new system into the world? The main agenda of the New World Order is:

1) Establishment of a world government
(Abolishing the United Nations and establishing a world government)

2) Establishment of global currency
 (Introduction of digital currency in the world by abolishing paper notes)

3) Establishment of a world religion
(The only religion in the world is the religion of Satan)

4) World Leader
(Electing a world leader, governments of all countries are subject to this one leader)

These are the four core agendas of the New World Order. There are many more agendas under each agenda. Wars are urgently needed to enforce the New World Order. The first priority in this regard is the Indo-Pak war. The secret world powers want a war between Pakistan and India to be started as soon as possible. This has been planned for many years. The details of the plan are such that it was decided to bring back the government of the extremist political party BJP in India. Narendra Modi was promised to be made the Prime Minister again. In this regard, it was stipulated that Prime Minister Modi would definitely attack Pakistan in his second term.

On the other hand, before Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister again, Pakistan's intelligence agencies formed Imran Khan's government. There was a lot of anger in the Indian media because Imran Khan is unacceptable to India at all costs. As a result of the Fifth Generation War, India was successfully using Nawaz Sharif for its own purposes. Nawaz Sharif had become not only a threat to Pakistan's survival but also Beijing was fed up with Nawaz Sharif. In the end, two such incidents took place. Which brought Nawaz Sharif to his end. The first was Prime Minister Modi's personal visit to Nawaz Sharif's house and the second was the arrest of several Indians from Nawaz Sharif's factory who did not even have passports.

Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister for the second term and on the condition that Prime Minister Modi was about to attack Pakistan, China occupied Ladakh on the very occasion. Ladakh is the area through which India was to invade Pakistan's Gilgit-Baltistan region. Now China is on this path.





The United States, Israel and the European Union want to quietly use India against China. They wants a war between China and India to start because some world powers want a big war in the world. I have hinted in a article published in March 2020 that some Western countries have a program to use India against China to avenge COVID-19.

China was also well aware of the real agenda behind COVID-19. So China has already gone ahead and subdued India. India's activities are becoming unbearable for Pakistan, China, Russia, Afghanistan and Iran. Other neighboring countries of India are also fed up with India's Brahminical thinking and ethnic superiority.

 Battlefield of Tibet

The secret world powers (Freemasons, Zionists and Illuminati) will not miss the opportunity to start a war. There will definitely be a big war between China and India. The war between China and India is about to start in the Tibet region. This war will enter Pakistan from Tibet and Gilgit-Baltistan will become a battlefield. Occupied Kashmir (Indian Kashmir) China Is about to be released soon.

Nimatullah Shah Wali, a Muslim Sufi, predicted nine hundred years ago that the occupied muslim's region (Kashmir) would become freedom and that help would come from the North East to liberate it. (China and Afghanistan are located in north & east of Indian-occupied Kashmir.)

The CPEC plan is insecure until Kashmir is decided. So now China is going to decide Kashmir. As soon as Kashmir becomes independent, Pak-India war will start. According to the prediction of Nimatullah Shah Wali, jihad (holy war) against India will start. Muslims from all over the world will join this war with the intention of jihad. Thus this country of disbelief will reach its end.

The first calamity befell India when Muhammad bin Qasim invaded Sindh in 712 A.D. The second catastrophe came in 1947 when India was torn in two. Now the third and final calamity is coming upon India when Indian Kashmir will be separated from India and many states of India will also be broken apart.











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