The basic principle of the presented system of thought is ''third definition''. Third definition presents a 'universal triangle'. The third definition (universal triangle) constitutes all the philosophical ideas presented by Hammad Yousaf. The word existence in this book is widely used. The existence means "how did things first come into existence"? How did human actions come into existence for the first time? How different world systems has been established? All these questions are answered in a single system of thought.

Internal & External Universe

The first part of the book is about internal & external universe. some chapters are belong to metaphysics and other are belongs to astronomy and philosophy.

Third definition, Universal triangle, Hammad's Principle of Universe and

Mirage effect are the major concepts presented in the first part of the book.


The metaphysical concepts and a structure/system of universe presented by Hammad Yousaf is much bigger and result oriented as compared with western philosophers.


System & Existence

The second part of the book is about systems. Here three main systems are originated from the system of thought

1) Education System

2) Political System

3) Economic System


Super Natural Systems

The third and last part of a book is about super natural systems originated

from universal triangle (Third definition)

Philosophy of Love, Evolution & Tragedy is discussed here.

But the most important is the ''Philosophy of Solemn (Seriousness)'' which is entirely a new concept introduce in philosophy by Hammad Yousaf.













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