Power Transfer Agenda
(USA - The Falling Empire)

by Hammad Yousaf




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One of my research on ''Antichrist'' came out in 2007. The research consisted of several parts. In one part of this research, the conspiracy to destabilize America was pointed out. I believed that the power transfer agenda would be completed by 2012. However, by 2012, the agenda could not be completed or slow down.

As I have repeatedly stated in my various investigations, the United States is the country of the Freemason community. The United States control by the Freemasonry. America was given the freedom to hand over the Freemasons. They have gotten the power they need in the world using America. They don't need America anymore. Now they have been able to rule the whole world. For many centuries, they have been controlling the entire world with US dollars. Now the strategy has changed. Freemasons are about to control the world through digital currency. We are already using the first case of digital currency in the form of debit cards, credit cards and online banking. Paper notes will be eliminated in the final stage. This is a very dangerous situation. Take a moment to consider this. Your card is blocked and you don't even have cash. So what will you do? Of course then you will be compelled to do everything you are commanded to do. All our wealth will go under the control of a secret group.

In the world, it is commonly believed that attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, and Syria were under cover of the 9/11 attacks. In the name of terrorism, the peace and order of the world was destroyed. Terrorism was linked to Islam, various political and economic sanctions were imposed on Islamic countries. Behind all these events is a secret group that was conducting its own operations in the world using the US government. After the arrival of the Corona virus, terrorism has suddenly disappeared from the world. Where did the terrorist named Daesh & ISIS have suddenly disappeared? Has the world been infected with such a terrorist (Corona virus)? This is one side of a picture.

Now let's look at the other side of the picture. One of the goals of this master plan, which was developed by the Free Mason, behind the 9/11 incident, was that the United States should be gradually wiped out by its involvement in various wars. It is a universal fact that when a world power becomes involved in wars, then it disappears.

These were the basic objectives of the 9/11 master plan

1) Involving America in various wars

2) To make the security of the world worse by creating various terrorist groups

3) To destroy America politically and economically

4) Conspiracy agenda against Islam all over the world.

The last part of 9/11 master plan has begun in 2020. In this last part, America will be destroyed politically and economically.


Instead of America, a new superpower (Israel) will be given control of the world. It is also important to explain here what is the fundamental difference between the goals of Freemasonry and Zionism. The main purpose of the Freemasonry is to control the world economically while the Zionism is to control the world politically. The main objective of both organizations is to pave the way for the emergence of the Antichrist. So it should come as no surprise to us why the Crown of Superpower wants to hand over Zionists (Israel)? Zionists are always controlling the American political system. All the presidents who came after US President Bill Clinton worked for "Israel". The president who does not follow the orders faces a sex scandal like "Monica". All US presidents work is just to follow the orders


Freemasons and Zionists have played a big trick in the guise of the Corona virus. This tactic is very deep and belongs to them. Freemasons and Zionists have decided that the time for the transfer of world power is near. The coming of the Antichrist is near. Therefore, the world power should be transferred to "Israel". China, which is the candidate of the new world power after the United States, has been implicated in the Corona virus conspiracy. Let them both end on their own and clear the way for the Antichrist to emerge. It is also feared that the United States or China will have a nuclear attack. As the world changed after 9/11. Now the world will change after the Corona virus. Remember what happened in the world after 9/11? Wars and terrorism. The same will happen after the Corona virus. Wars and terrorism. Islamic countries will be further destroyed. Great war and civil wars are planned in the Gulf countries. All major economic powers, including China, will be destroyed. The cover of Freemason's magazine "The Economist" on March 2020 states that everything is under the control of Freemasons after Corona virus.






Even after seeing this cover of Economist magazine, if anyone thinks that there is no conspiracy behind the Corona virus, then such people are the real slaves of this group.


The group has made the whole world addicted to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, YouTube and other social media. The whole world has become addicted to mobile phones. Not ready to live without them.





A horrible form of the coming future and the coming of the Antichrist is shown in this cartoon film.
















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