Daily Mail Newspaper
Exposed a Secret Agenda

by Hammad Yousaf




Dated: 15th April 2020  |   Urdu Version


Daily Mail, a leading UK online newspaper, has published news about the Corona virus. This news has spread sensation all over the world, especially in America. The Daily Mail has revealed that the US has given $ 3.7 million to China to research on bats. These three million dollars were directly for the Wuhan laboratory. However, the newspaper did not say which  former president of the United States was given this amount. This news was published on April 6 and the report was written on April 15. Until April 15, the Chinese government has not given any response to the news.

China's silence about this news is confirming the news.

This research report reviews what is the result of this news if it is true. If this news is incorrect, then who are the people behind it, and what might be the purpose of such news?

(1) If the News is True

If this news is true, the following three possibilities can occur:

         (i)    Both the United States and China are involved in spreading the corona virus
         (ii)   The United States chose a laboratory in China to trap China and paid 3.7 million US$
                And later the United States removed or stole the virus from the laboratory.
         (iii)  A third country may also be involved who knew about this secret project.
                The third country has stolen the virus and spread it to the world. Thus to both the USA and China
                has been trapped under a plot.


(2) If the news is incorrect

If the Daily Mail's news is incorrect, the following are likely to happen:

              (i)   Trying to hide the real facts
              (ii)  Both the United States and China are trying to hold the world accountable
              (iii) This news has been released by a third country, which is an enemy of both the USA and China









Although the United States is the most affected country because of corona virus. But even so, the US should not try to prove itself oppressive in the world. The United States has always been a way of oppressing itself in the world. By proving what he wants. The 9/11 is remembered all over the world. If a country can start wars around the world by demolishing its two buildings, it can hit a few million Americans and achieve any bigger goal. - In international politics everything is permissible. The global powers can do anything to achieve their goals. For the secret agencies of these world powers, killing people, bombing or disappearing their own people is an easy task.


There may be a third country that wants to do political and economic harm to the US and China to achieve its goals. That third country wants to abolish America's superpower and that China, which is expected to become a superpower after the United States, should be harmed as well.

Who could this country be ......?  Just wait




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