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Surprise for China & Pakistan
by Hammad Yousaf



Dated: 14th August 2020


An announcement has been made by US President Donald Trump in August 2020 which has created an atmosphere of grief and anger in the entire Muslim Ummah. Donald Trump's announcement has been a "surprise" for Russia, China, Pakistan and Iran. This announcement has also created new difficulties and threats for Pakistan and China.

President Trump has announced that the "United Arab Emirates" is going to recognize Israel. It is the first Gulf state to accept Israel. Earlier, two Islamic countries, Egypt and Jordan, had accepted Israel because of their weaknesses. Now the fear is that more Gulf countries, including Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc., intend to recognize Israel. Under these circumstances, these treacherous Arab countries have divided the Muslim Ummah into two parts. The reaction of the Muslim Ummah after this announcement is divisive.

Palestine: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has rejected the "Israel-UAE" agreement, saying it is a betrayal of the Palestinian struggle.

Bahrain: The Bahraini government has welcomed the agreement.

Iran: The Iranian Foreign Ministry has called the deal stupid

Turkey: Turkey has said that history will never forget the hypocrisy of the UAE

Oman: Oman has announced its support for the UAE decision

Pakistan: Pakistan's Foreign Ministry has rejected the agreement, saying such progress would have far-reaching implications.

There was no immediate reaction from Saudi Arabia, but reports suggest that Saudi Arabia has recognized Israel and that the two countries have maintained close ties at the governmental level for many years.

This is the group of traitors of the Muslim world who have always stabbed the Muslim world in the back. This is the same group that sided with Europe and America to break up the Muslim's Ottoman Empire. As a result, these traitors were rewarded with separate countries. All these Gulf countries were part of the Ottoman Empire. The biggest reason for their betrayal is Arab nationality. They hate non-Arab Muslims. These Arabs never accepted the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire was founded by non-Arab Muslims and is still opposed to Turkish Muslims. Not only this, these Arab countries are opposed to Iranian and Pakistani Muslims who are non-Arab Muslims. They also have strong opponents. In the case of Kashmir, all the Arab countries have betrayed Pakistan and stand by India.

Now the Muslim world is going to be divided into two parts, the Arab muslim world and the non-Arab Muslim world. Now is the time for all Islamic countries to decide which will be forced in the coming years or will they Decide whether they stand with the US, Israel and Europe or with China, Russia and Pakistan.

Now the world is going to be divided into two parts, in other words the third world war is being lined up. Now every country in the world has to clarify its position with whom it stands.

I have already stated in my previous study, Global Conspiracy, that Israel plans to pit the Gulf Arab states against Iran in order to eliminate the two by fighting each other. The UAE has accepted Israel and laid the groundwork for this plan. Faith, which will soon recognize Israel, will create new problems for Pakistan. Israel will find an easy way to attack Pakistani ports from Omani port. Israel will be in a position to attack Pakistan and Iran from the ports of Oman and the United Arab Emirates. A strategy has also been devised to block China's trade route from here.





Israel will set up military bases in Oman and the United Arab Emirates, from where it will target Pakistan's Gwadar port, Iran's Chah-e-Bihar port and Bandar Abbas. Israel plans to block China's trade route from Pakistan's Gwadar port Has gone
On the other hand, China's current trade route, which passes through the South China Sea, has two US navies to block the route. In other words, China, Pakistan and Iran are under siege.

God's curse be upon the Arabs who think that by befriending Israel they will save themselves. They think that by attacking Iran, Pakistan and Turkey they can strengthen their governments. The Jews will never be the descendants of their prophets, what will the descendants of the Arabs be?












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