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Dated:  06th July 2020


The Next Catastrophe

Written by:  Hammad Yousaf


The Economist Magazine is a UK-based magazine. It's basically a "Freemason" community magazine. What's special about this magazine is that the community often communicates its intentions to the world through this magazine. The community presents its intentions in the form of pictures that are very difficult for ordinary people to understand.

Reading this magazine, one realizes that the world has become completely hostage to these secret groups. They have very dirty and vile intentions about the world. Ironically, no one is going to ask them that What the hell are you doing?

The last issue of The Economist Magazine, June 2020, once again reveals the dangerous intentions that will cause the world to suffer more. The title of this issue is

"The next catastrophe (and how to survive it)"



The world is being told that after the corona virus COVID-19, another catastrophe has been planned for the world. In this regard, some pictures are shown and the message is being sent to the world that after COVID-19, another catastrophe and disaster is planned to be brought to the world. These pictures show some scenes of catastrophe. One of these scenes will soon be seen happening in the world.

First picture
The baby pig is being shown. This picture indicates that after the corona virus spread through bats, a virus will now spread through pigs. In other words, the corona virus COVID-19 was spread around the world and the blame was placed on bats. Similarly, a program has been developed to blame the pig by spreading a new virus.

The second picture
Showing the volcano. The volcanic mountain has also been shown in the previous issue of this year. This volcano can have two meanings. Second, wars in the world will erupt like volcanoes.


The third picture
Pointing to global warming. The use of nuclear weapons will cause global warming. Ice glaciers around the world will melt. Animals living in glacial areas will crave ice.

The fourth picture
Meteor will fall on the ground. Now the question is how do these people know that meteor will fall on the ground. There are two possibilities. First, the US space agency, NASA, may have evidence of which meteorite in space is currently approaching the Earth rapidly. If this secret group fails to start wars in the world, then according to the next plan, the artificial meteor will be dropped and chaos will be spread in the world.

The fifth picture
Birds will start to die due to nuclear or bacterial pollution in the air.

Sixth picture
Many viruses have been shown, including the corona virus. It is said that more viruses will spread in the world after the corona virus. If the corona virus was a natural disaster, how did they know that more viruses are coming? ? The innocent religious class of the Muslim Ummah which considers the corona virus COVID-19 as a punishment of Allah Almighty. These people will have to change their minds in the coming catastrophe. Because of this religious class people would consider these conspiracies as a natural disaster. The result is that the conspiratorial group is set free to carry out further operations. This is exactly what happens when a burglary takes place in a house and instead of looking for a thief, it is said that this was the will of Allah Almighty. The same situation is seen as a result of Corona virus.

Seventh picture
The world will start a nuclear war

Picture 8
There will be more heat and warmth from the sun. This will happen when the ozone layer is severely affected by a nuclear catastrophe.

Ninth picture
There is a switchboard in the wall that is useless. This means that people in many countries of the world or in war-affected countries will lose power.



Tenth picture
A Couple, a child and a dog are sitting on the sofa seat. The couple and the dog are wearing masks. This is a special type of mask worn in a nuclear attack. The child is wearing a military helmet instead of a mask.

Doomsday clock
In 1947, some nuclear scientists developed a mock clock. Its timing changes according to world events. In this clock it is assumed that when the hand of the clock strikes 12 at night, the world will be destroyed. The time of this clock was set at 11:53 in 1947. That is, there are seven minutes left in the destruction of the world.

Since 1947, the clock has moved back and forth 24 times. While January 2020, the time of this clock was 1 minute 40 seconds away from the Day of Judgment. That is, the world is on the brink of disaster. Read this link for more details on this clock.



Last picture
The last image is in the middle of all the pictures showing the clock which is called "Hour of Doomsday". The time shown in this clock is
11:58min 20sec

It is important to point out here that the world's law and order situation is clarified through this watch. Resurrection here does not mean the resurrection that is to come from Allah Almighty. In other words, how much time is left before the start of World War III?

According to the clock set in January 2020, World War III has one minute and forty seconds left. So this picture indicates that World War III is just around the corner.





Through these pictures, the world is being made aware of the situation to come. All these plans have been prepared. In fact, these pictures are showing Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, etc.
When the time comes, the most feasible plan will be implemented in the world.
The Matrix film tells you that all of you are slaves to the world community (Freemasons, Zionists, Illuminati) and slaves have to endure all kinds of treatment.









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