Destruction of World Powers

by Hammad Yousaf




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 In April 2020, I wrote a research article entitled "Agenda for the Transfer of Power" The study stated that the United States is the property of the Freemasonry Organization. The Freemasons established their military and economic monopoly over the world through the United States. Now these people have become the masters of the whole world. They gives loans to international organizations like United Nations, the IMF, the World Bank, the World Health Organization etc. All decisions in world politics are made by the top officials of the Freemasonry Organization. These top officials are the people who own more than 80% of the world's wealth. The history of Freemasonry is very old. These people have changed their cloak many times in history. First they appear as Knight Templar. Then they became Crusaders and now they have become Freemasons.


World Elite Families who controls the World & own more than 80% world's wealth


As I said earlier in The Power Transfer Agenda, the Freemasons no longer need the United States. Their priorities have changed. Now these people want to establish a world government so that they can control the whole world directly or they can control all the countries directly. These people want to remove the US dollar and introduce digital currency all over the world so that the money of the whole world comes under their control. One religion should be implemented all over the world so that no one would dare to establish their own system. But all this can only be possible unless the world nuclear powers are eliminated. The economy of strong economic powers is destroyed. The big countries should be dismantled and the world's population should be reduced by starting a world war. Until this agenda is completed, the establishment of a ''world government'' cannot be implemented. The first phase of government was the League of Nations and the United Nations. There are now plans to replace the United Nations with a ''world government''.


In order to establish a world government, it is necessary to destroy all the major world powers and economic powers. The game of 9/11 was played with the United States and after that the United States was thrown into various wars. Now the last phase of the demise of the United States has begun. Not only the United States but all the major economic and nuclear powers are about to collapse. This is no longer a conspiracy theory but a fact that needs to be understood. Only he who understands these facts will be able to defend himself better.

An atmosphere of civil war has been created in the United States since May 2020. An attempt will be made to cause ethnic riots all over the United States by killing black Americans. A plan has been drawn up to break up all the states of the United States. Various plans have also been made to break the world powers.


China: China's power will be broken in two stages. First, China's economic power will be eliminated. China's business in the world will end. Because a strong economy will be a threat to the world government. In the second phase, China will be broken. China will be plunged into major wars to reduce its population.

India: India is the third biggest obstacle to the formation of a world government after the United States and China. India is one of the world's largest economic power, nuclear power and country with a large population. Therefore, India is not an acceptable country for the implementation of the New World Order. Under the global conspiracy, China and Pakistan will attack India. Western countries will apparently support India, but they will want Pakistan and China together succeed in tearing India apart.

Pakistan: Pakistan is the only officially announced nuclear Islamic country in the world. This country could pose a major obstacle to the formation of a world government. Pakistan could play a decisive role in World War III that will mainly fight between Muslims and Israel (Zionists). That is, before 2031, India should impose a nuclear war on Pakistan. In this war, all of Pakistan's nuclear weapons will be eliminated. Pakistan will never join World War III. It is quite possible that Pakistan's name will remain only in the books before the start of World War III.


Iran: Every effort will be made to fight Iran with the Gulf Arab countries before the start of World War III. With the help of "Shian-e-Ali"(Iran), Israel will impose civil war and wars in the Gulf countries in order to pave the way for a greater Israel. For this purpose, Israel will need "Shian-e- Ali'' (Iran).

The European Union: In order to form a world government, it is necessary to eliminate the global partner organizations. Many of these world organizations will disappear by themselves after the third world war. To end the European Union through a severe economic crisis. Efforts will be made. If the European Union manages to control itself, then civil war and war will be imposed in the European countries. Even the European Union will end.











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